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Relax, make yourself comfortable.

Distintivo de El Norte de Castilla (edición digital). Premio Miau-Noviembre 97You have your own spot. Here everybody is at peace and you can feel a comfortable silence. Someone is looking for books by Shakespeare and Cervantes, another is flicking through publisher lists.

Others are browsing through newspapers and magazines and a couple of people are reading literary texts by Tomás Nozal... (spanish version)

And in the far corner lies *The Corner Of Friends*, and there, a group of people are exchanging addresses for their different needs .

Pictures by Nozal decorate the walls, which follow immediately after...


newspapers and magazines  publisher lists    AUTHORS

Literary texts by Nozal   The Corner Of Friends  PICTURES by NOZAL


newspapers and magazines:


These links will take you out of my house, your house.So before you make your selection make a note of this address in your bookmark so that you can re-visit on another occasion without losing yourself along the way... whatever the time.

publisher lists:

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  • Libros en Internet Distribuidores de libros y proveedores de servicios bibliotecarios de titulos en Lengua Hispana de España y Mexico. Más de 30.000 libros con completa información bibliográfica en línea


"Hijas de Eva", de Manuel Talens
Recomendation Urbi et Orbe:




The Corner Of Friends:


In this room anyone can leave their address and a short message describing your hobbies, interests, whims, projects or any other details that you wish to share with other companions in this corner.

Click here and tell me what text you would like to appear by your e-mail address. Be as brief and as punchy as you can. Don't forget to quote the following: For THE CORNER OF FRIENDS